My First Ever GoPro Video!

Before my latest trip to Panama I got myself an early Christmas present – a GoPro Hero 3 Silver. Here is my very first video of my whitewater rafting trip… Enjoy!!

Mi amor Cusco

The town of Cusco has stolen my heart, I never want to leave!

Cusco is extremely touristy because most people use it as a base to visit Machu Picchu, but it has a magic about it that is irresistible. I don’t know if it is the cobble stoned streets, the colourful markets or beautiful main square, whatever it is I am in love.

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Flying over the Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines, located 400km south of Lima, were another one of Peru's attractions I never knew existed until I was researching my trip. The UNESCO World Heritage site are ancient geoglyphs located in the middle of the desert and are made up of images such as a monkey, hummingbird, whale, spider and even an astronaut.

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Huacachina: my desert oasis

The second stop on my trip was Huacachina, pronounced Wa-ka-chee-na, which is a small desert oasis just 10 minutes from the city of Ica. I arrived by bus to a lively city but after a short taxi ride soon found myself surrounded by mountains of sand dunes.

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The wonders of Lima


Before I stepped foot in South America I had many of my clients and friends warn me that Lima was to be avoided and to get out as quickly as possible. When my expectations are set low I am usually surprised and often blown away by a city, and Lima did exactly this.


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Review: Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy

The definition of a long haul flight is a journey of seven or more hours and is otherwise known as ‘hell’. It is especially hellish when the travel time is 26 hours, which is your typical trip between Australia and East Coast of Canada or the USA. Continue reading

My Bucket List

I saw this great idea about creating a ‘Reverse Bucketlist‘ – a list of all of the notable travel and life events you have done thus far. When I started looking back and writing down my list I realised that I am pretty bloody lucky to have seen and done everything on this list. Of course, there is always more I want to do but I think it is important to reflect and appreciate what you have done. Continue reading